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Under UK "Fair Dealing" the follow are permitted (the list is not exhaustive):
- Fair dealing in a work for the purposes of private study or research (s. 29)
- Fair dealing in a work with acknowledgment for the purposes of criticism or review or, unless the work is a photograph, for the purposes of news reporting (s. 30);
- Incidental inclusion of copyright material in another work (s. 31);
Public reading or recital by a single person with acknowledgment (s. 59);
- Copying and distribution of copies of the abstracts of scientific and technical articles (s. 60);
- Recordings of folksongs for archives (s. 61);
Photographs, graphic works, films or broadcasts of buildings and sculptures in a public place (s. 62);
- Copying and distribution of copies of an artistic work for the purpose of advertising its sale (s. 63);
- Reconstruction of a building (s. 65)
- Rental of sound recordings, films and computer programs under a scheme which provides for reasonable royalty to the copyright holder (s. 66);
- Playing of sound recordings for the purposes of a non-commercial club or society (s. 67);
- Recording for the purposes of time-shifting (s. 70);
- Free public showing of broadcasts (s. 72);
- Provision of subtitled copies of broadcasts for the handicapped by designated bodies (s. 74);
- Recording of broadcasts for archival purposes (s. 75).

If you feel we have used material, for which you are the copyright owner, inappropriately or not, in your opinion, in accordance with UK "Fair Dealing" or US "Fair Use" then please contact us immediately and we will remove the material post-haste.